Friday, December 24, 2010


Yellow doesn’t look Chinese but he is. After having been born in Beijing he left the country when he was one year old. No one knows who his real parents are. He was found floating down the Brahmaputra river in Assam by a tea farmer who adopted him. He found this out when he turned 10 and ran away from home into Burma. There he was found hungry and starving by a Taiwanese navy commando. The commando offered him a job on the ship which took him to Taiwan.

Later on, Yellow became the captain of the ship at which he sailed over the Pacific to the United States. After being arrested by the authorities in the United States he decided to write about all his travels. In the five years in jail, he wrote is complete biography. After leaving jail where he also learned how to play chess from an expert fellow, Yellow found a publisher for his biography which became a bestseller.

Yellow trivia:

One day Yellow was sitting in a restaurant with this chessboard looking for people to play against. It was there that Brown had also come to eat and took up Yellow’s challenge to a chess game. Both were impressed by each other’s attention to details and strategy in playing. Brown was particularly impressed by Yellow when he saw that Yellow was not looking down at the board much and was analyzing all the moves mostly in his own head.

After learning more about Yellow and the book he had written, Brown decided to take Yellow to ScientificChess where he also took up a job as a security officer along with Brown. It was less for the money as he was earning good money selling his biography, but more for the desire to keep company and play mental chess with Brown on a daily basis.

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