Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Champions of the Mind and the Laws of Physics

Will the machines outshine humans completely in taking all the Champions of the Mind titles? The
 question remains to be answered...Quarkezon (aka. Alfred J. Hubba pictured on the right) might be our best bet as a Champion of the Mind when it comes to competing with the machines to discover the laws of physics.

Today, the machines are getting smarter and smarter, and humans are becoming more and more dependent upon them for everything that has to do with the mind.  Except Quarkezon's mind works differently.  Read The Quantum Inspiration to find out more about the mind boggling story of Quarkezon's life...and the thoughts this repeated nominee of the noble prize in physics has...

Doctor Earl Rapport

Doctor Earl Rapport is the chief scientist at ScientificChess.  He got his PhD. in Physics from Australian National University, and played a key role in the development of the ScientificChess organization.  Prior to joining us here atScientificChess, he has been a professor in a number of world renowned universities from MIT to Cambridge, and also spent time at IBM research in the early 1990s.  Everyone from the last millenium can seem ancient nowdays, but it really wasn't that long ago.  Not many in this generation can comprehend what goes on inside his large head.
His pear shaped head has often been mentioned in literature as symbolizing the quantum bell.  The interesting facial hair pattern with the hair, moustache, and beard respresent the three cities of the quantum bell with Geneva on the top.  This of course, is still the largest quantum bell in the world.
Unless, you know something about obscure things in physics like the scholar in an examination, System No. 1. most of your conversations with him can often fly off the top of your head.  Mostly, he just prefers to sleep these days.  One day, when we can get a dream reader, it would be interesting to look inside his head, and see what he is dreaming of.  It is expected with the ongoing advancements in quantum computing at ScientificChess, that the dream reader may not be so far away as it may seem to the unaware men and women outside the organization.

1993 - IBM's Stadium Corral of Iron Atoms on Copper -- Intrigued with the possibility of observing "Quantum Chaos," the artists -- IBM "quantum mechanics" Michael Crommie, Chris Lutz and Don Eigler -- constructed a stadium shaped Quantum Corral in the hope of observing a signature of Quantum Chaos known as "scarring." Scarring of the electron wave patterns would lead to a build-up of waves along the classically periodic orbits of the stadium. No scarring was observed. The reason is quantum corrals are akin to any resonant structure, for instance, a bell. But this "quantum" bell doesn't ring very well, in fact it makes more of a thud than a ring.

Image Source - largest Quantum Bell in the World

Monday, April 27, 2009

Personal Quantum Computer - The PQC (pronounced "peak")

Los Almos built the first quantum computers. Dwave built the real thing. ScientificChess built the personal quantum computers. We, the champions of the mind, brought into every home a quantum computer. A PQC, that is completely environmentally friendly.

It took us a lot of hard work and dedication. It did not magically appear to us. But our passion guided us to the very end. Our founder's book, The Quantum Inspiration, was always there to inspire us, to guide us, and to lead us. Together, our research team of 32 players, conjoined into four bytes-two rows of pawns and two rows executives. We fought in the mental battlefield with all our might to make this a reality.

Our ideas were seeded in inspirations, or dreams turned into trees, and then we shipped the fruits to every home. Today, we have eliminated hunger. The fruits we have shipped are full of more seeds. We hope you will plant them to eliminate the remaining problems of the world. One day, there will be no disease, that eats this world. One day, there will be no environmentally unfriendly technologies. Tomorrow, our minds will be more open than ever before. This is the power of the quantum inspiration.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Mental Battlefield of ScientificChess

Champions of the Mind
  • The champion minds go through the brigh'test' challenges.
  • The average mind is slave to the brands, but the champions of the mind can make or break any brand.
  • The lord stands on the side of the champions of the mind, and the world must submit.
  • The champions of the mind fight on the mental battlefield, where both the winner and loser gain more insight, unlike the physical battlefield where both the winner and the loser take losses.
  • The champions of the mind live forever with their work. We keep getting tougher as more people understand the value of our work.
  • A child is trained from his torso up to his brain. Evolution trains from simple cells to the most sophisticated champions of the mind.
  • The sole ultimate purpose of the champions of the mind is to find the purpose of the universe and existence, if there is one. Sciences, philosophies, religions, technologies, arts, mathematics are all merely different approaches towards this purpose.
  • The champions of the mind exist to help the universe determine the purpose of its own existence.
  • The honor of being a champion of the mind is beyond any other human honor or award. There is no restriction upon the field, upon the nation, upon the class or society from which a champion of the mind may emerge. The title is not restricted to humans either, a brilliant machine may also claim the honor of being a champion of the mind in the future.
  • The phrases "champions of the mind" and "champion of the mind" are trademarks of the organization ScientificChess initiated by Aditya Mittal. ScientificChess, however, does not claim the capability of being able to recognize every champion of the mind that exists, nor does being a warrior of ScientificChess necessarily qualify one as a champion of the mind. Champions of the mind is a title automatically held by those at the pinnacle of mental achievement, otherwise recognized or not.
  • Champions of the mind challenge all assumptions, but go beyond challenging assumptions by also resolving the problems at the foundation.
  • Champions of the mind are undeterred by challenges, but can also learn from their own mistakes. Even the champions of the mind make mistakes, in fact, they make more mistakes than the dumbest beings that exist.
  • Champions of the mind don't just face challenges they are given. They go looking for challenges where they can fail, and they drive through them until mental death. Then they are reborn.
  • Champions of the mind fight their own battles in the mental playing field. They respect the honor code of the battlefield.
  • Champions of the mind have different weapon preferences. Some like to fight with memory, others attack with logic, and yet others force their opponent down with computational power. Minds even defend with magic, telepathy, dreams, analysis, psychological pressure, theory, virtual planes, imagination, creativity, chaos, attraction in the ScientificChess battlefield.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Martin Gonzales

Dr. Martin Gonzales is a computer science genius from Carnegie Mellon University. After getting his PhD. he joined Google corporation, where he worked as a software engineer for many years before realizing his real passion understanding nature, mind, and biology. He found that ScientificChess corporation could cater to his real passion and in exploring the new opportunities, found out that his first crush whom he had not heard of in years, Pakuna was also working for ScientificChess. Martin immediately sent his application to Dr. Earl who was leading the effort of building the quantum computer.

Dr. Martin has progressed in ScientificChess to do research on relations between abstract classes and stem cells. He has also developed a lot of theory about love, in which Dr. Mutter has found special interest.

"I've proved Einstein wrong! There is indeed gravity between lovers. Love is the integral of like, and love at first sight is the dirac delta function."

Dr. Martin trivia:

Dr. Martin is the source behind much of love theory which was inspired by his deadly passion for Pakuna. An incident many years ago had however irritated Pakuna over Martin and she had left Google, where they had both worked, and disappeared. Being a brilliant woman however, she could not stay hidden too long, and had reemerged at ScientificChess.

“In unification of hum and tum, a visceral angiogenic need for collaboration arises. Its repertoire is heartfelt as per my previously limned theory of love waves. Tiny perturbations caused in these waves can accumulate and construe irritating disturbances. To irritate, one can knowingly dope these waves with such perturbations. Depending upon the dopant's nature feelings of anger, irritation, distaste, agony, and antagonism can materialize.”

Dr. Martin was back to try and repair this break in their relationship because he knew somewhere deep down inside she still loved him. He is a white knight in shining armor on the ScientificChess board.

Dr. Mutter

Doctor Mutter is the most talented mathematician in the world. His primary area of interest is relativistic quantum mechanics. Doctor Mutter, was nicknamed Mr. Matter by his friends during the college days before he went on to get his PhD. in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. "Don't be afraid, nuclear engineering is nothing but the engineering related to the physics of the nucleus," he would say disseminating any time that went around the nuclear engineering.

His work on mathematical representation of love in ScientificChess corporation has been inspired by a life changing incident with another scientist, Dr. Martin. The theory that one can never determine how fast love waves move since the understanding is beyond human ability is popularly known as Dr. Mutter’s Uncertainty Principle in ScientificChess corporation.

“Great, so these vibes obviously cause ripples that move faster than light in love-time. Can’t you already feel love for your counterpart in a world so far away on the other side of the universe from where light can’t reach you but you’ll never know how fast these vibes move.”

Dr. Mutter trivia:

Dr. Jacardo did not realize he was quoting Dr. Mutter himself, when he took over the podium after Dr. Mutter's talk on Mind and Matter and said "Mind and matter, reminds me of a quote, I don't mind, and you don't matter." The quote had been a retort Dr. Mutter would use when his friends would call him Mr. Matter. When saying this, is perhaps one of the few instances in which Dr. Mutter puts his humility aside.