Friday, December 24, 2010

Quarkezon (Alfred J. Hubba)

Quarkezon, aka Alfred J. Hubba, is young but known to be the smartest man in ScientificChess. Several times a Nobel Prize nominee Quarkezon is a distinguished member of the world’s scientific community. He holds a PhD in physics from Stanford University. His resume is full of hundreds of awards and highly cited papers. No one dares to challenge any of his results without expecting to find out that they are as wrong as the most uneducated person on earth about the most sophisticated mathematical concepts.

Quarkezon is known for his abilities of visualization in higher dimensions and is deeper understanding of space, time, and waves. Quarkezon continues Einstein’s quest of trying to combine the four dimensions but more generally devise methods for solving partial differential equations in their general form. Quarkezon is not only a champion of the mind, but a grandmaster mind.

Quarkezon trivia:

Quarkezon, formerly Alfred J. Hubba, unveiled the mysterious effects of high energy particles on quantum systems like a squirrel splitting open nuts. After gaining fame as the genius who truly demonstrated the existence of quarks and discovering quark fields and getting hired by ScientificChess Corporation Quarkezon’s immanent aspirations and abilities fell like rain from a heavy cloud in a low pressure region. Quarkezon alone had more understanding of waves and particles than the six billion people of the world. Few people rose to the point of studying the topic and fewer to using it directly; and only one to understand it in its essence. Repeatedly, Quarkezon became a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physics. However, due to the some or the other lack of understanding on the judges part he had not yet been able to win the grand prize.

Hundreds of newspaper articles hugged the walls in the office along with tables listing the properties of multifarious particles in various contexts. A counter like the ones found in kitchens circumvented the room that had no other tables or chairs. The back of the locked door formed a bookcase extended onto the wall, designed to close at the opening of the door. The case stocked with books silently observed the intensity with which Quarkezon, locked amidst information, studied slowly and steadily. Numerable files rested on the counter hiding its creepy color that had been once used for an optical illusion experiment. However, the man responsible for the experiment had been too much of a libertine and thus, accused of witchcraft and given the “swimming test.” He swam and was hung to death by his preposterous community of the twenty-first century. Quarkezon, mourned by his friend’s death, took over his room to always keep him near.

Only two people and one power kept Quarkezon alive. One had been his friend who got hanged. The other, his mother, lived with him, and the power of knowledge and his passion for it kept him alive. All day Quarkezon stood and walked around in his friend’s memory (the room) trying to encompass as much knowledge as possible before his end. He knew knowledge herself was too almighty for him to ever be able to encompass fully but like a lover he tried to get every sight of her that he could. When he could stand no longer he would go home to his mother and fall asleep in security.

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