Friday, December 24, 2010


Black was born in Nigeria where he started his career as a miner. After finding a rare diamond while mining Black became rich by selling it. He then went on to pursue an education in Canada and made his way as a security officer at ScientificChess. Black is hard working and strong and is always willing to fight for truth and justice. His diligence and hard work has made him a leader in the security forces of ScientificChess along with Grey.

Black trivia:

Black learned to play chess on the streets from the Frenchmen around University of Toronto. He became an expert player quickly as he is always willing to carefully contemplate all possibilities. Brown and Yellow were the only players in the security forces that could beat Black at chess due to their advanced knowledge of strategies that he did not have a chance to read up on. He, however, was the most brutal basketball player at ScientificChess. His strength, agility, and height had helped him throughout his mining career and continued to help him here in physical sports.

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