Friday, December 24, 2010


Gold is precious and always in transition just like Silver. He is good friends with Silver and very malleable. He can take on a variety of activities as well without any issues. Gold and Silver enjoy working on random projects with each other. Together, they form "electrum." Gold is certainly helping Silver with his space agency. He got his master’s degree in mathematics from Boston University. His degree in mathematics has allowed him to explore many facets of life in a purely quantitative way. He works at a level of abstraction which allows him to apply the same theory to multiple projects and tasks.

Gold will typically write one paper. He would thin out the same paper for covering one application after another to create many more papers from it. In order to do this, all he had to do was follow the abstraction down the tree data structure filling in the specific details of any given application.

Gold trivia:

Gold and Silver have been good friends since elementary school where they first learned about the ‘elements.’ They are still elements of their elementary school that have been morphed into ScientificChess as structural elements to complete the system. One should, however, not assume that they are irrelevant to ScientificChess. In fact, they are mission critical elements of the system that will play a great role in the future of the organization when their space agency gains more traction and leads to some of the mankind’s most astonishing achievements.

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