Friday, December 24, 2010


Santir has a dual degree in music and electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. At ScientificChess, he works along with the Romero in the electrical engineering lab. Santir is well known for having refined methods for representing music digitally. Using his algorithms, many of the digital music and sound devices today sound as good as analog devices for music.

Santir works on designing special algorithms for representing various musical instruments with a high quality in digital media. There are several people like Quarkezon who have great contributions in the world of sound and waves. Santir finds it advantageous to be able to work directly with Quarkezon and his work at ScientificChess.

Santir trivia:

Santir is a friendly guy who gets along well with Romero. Together, they are able to solve many different problems in human machine interaction related to both sounds and graphics. They can help design new forms of media or improve existing ones. Santir is highly motivated team worker and really enjoys being able to work with others at ScientificChess.

Santir is extremely inspired by all types of music and wants to one day develop the most beautiful music from solutions of mathematical equations. It was in a dream that he once heard music so beautiful that it became his quest in life to reproduce such music. In the dream itself, he got the insight that the music was purely mathematically generated.

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