Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Jung

Dr. Jung is a scholar from Peking University in China. He is a cryptographer and maintains a stylish sense of knowledge. He enjoys philosophy and can discuss ancient civilizations for hours at an end. A Master of Arts, languages, and sciences he is an ace of all trades. No one is able to question his authority as he knows many fields widely and is able to draw correct conclusions merely by analogy from many other fields.

Dr. Jung’s cleverness is unmatched anywhere else. He can foresee solutions to problems that specialists have no chance at determining due to their lack of intense knowledge in fields beyond their own. He is a bishop on the ScientificChess battlefield and the king’s most relied upon advisor and assistant. When all others fail at solving a problem, it is then that Earl and other leaders must come to Dr. Jung for his advice. He is a key player in resolving dire situations and there is no replacement for Dr. Jung in this world.

Dr. Jung trivia:

Dr. Jung has actually dwelled in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal for two years of his life where he acquired much of his artistic and philosophical skills from a great monk. He did not follow the traditional paths to success but made his way through life with many unique experiences such as living in 17 different countries. As a child he had wanted to become a preacher. However, his father who had been in the Chinese military had always emphasized the sciences and engineering for him throughout the travels.

After graduating from high school when his father was serving in Cambodia during a war, Jung left his father to go back to mainland China and join Peking University. It was from there that he again picked up his interests in philosophy and arts and went to a Buddhist monastery to learn. It was there that he realized the close connections between the sciences, arts, and philosophy. A world of things started coming together for him and eventually he found his place in ScientificChess.

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