Friday, December 24, 2010

Blue Ambition

Blue is the symbol of ambition. He is as a vast as the light blue sky and as the dark blue ocean. His vastness is full of ambitious jewels that outshine everything. Blue was known for being an amazing poker and pool player. As a child blue had always wanted to be really rich.

He figured that by being an amazing poker and pool player he could earn his fortune by gambling and he did. Blue made a fortune from playing the two games. In fact, he became the first billionaire from merely playing these two games. But then came a time, when he began to get greedy. He started betting more and more on hard wins and one day he lost it. He went on a losing streak and then he had no choice but to find work.

Blue trivia:

Blue was extremely intelligent and could find his way through anything. He decided he wanted to join the greatest and most ambitious organization in the world: ScientificChess. He did. His ambition this time was not to become a billionaire but to ensure that ScientificChess would be successful in the very ambitious projects it picked, such as developing the personal quantum computer.

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