Friday, December 24, 2010


Polley graduated from Yale with an immense amount of coursework in history and ethics but a degree in theoretical physics. He has also taken many courses in law and public policy. His father had been a politician and so from him he has also learned many tactics and political maneuvers. Polley has many convictions about the role of modern technology and sciences in the world. He is also the master of the dark arts. Polley can brilliantly manipulate any situation to his advantage.

One of the things that stand out about Polley is his hair style. It looks like it is covering something. Indeed, it is. It is covering all the dark matter inside his brain that is scheming and evil. His innocent look hides a lot too. Polley is the biggest con artist as ScientificChess who is interested in the destruction of the quantum computer and doesn’t want the scientists to be able to complete it or other technologies in general.

Polley triva:

Polley often manipulates Noofey into passing certain incomplete information out to the world. Polley understands people and their psychology more than actual physics. Some might think that he is extremely racist and discriminates and generalizes. He does have a lot of general notions about people based on their backgrounds, but he can understand people’s background at such a fine grain level that it isn’t quite fair to say he is wrong about his generalizations and discriminations. A good description of Polley is perhaps ‘the evil Sherlock Holmes of ScientificChess.’ No one really knows all the wrong doings he is behind though. His innocent looks cover it all.

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