Friday, December 24, 2010


Romero has an M.S. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon also like Dr. Martin and Dr. Raman. Dr. Raman had in fact been one of his teaching assistants for the machine learning course. Romero chose to specialize in graphics and human computer interaction. At ScientificChess, he now works closely with the sound specialist Santir in the electrical engineering lab.

He is the founder of the new genre of entertainment known as “gamov.” A “gamov” is a type of interactive movie that is also a game. It is a little different from role playing games in that it is actually a movie that has multiple paths that have been directed and shot by producers. It has, however, multiple threads and multiple endings that a viewer can get to based on the actions they select for the characters.

Romero trivia:

Romero has a good sense of humor. Although he is mostly interested in computer science and programming he also enjoys politics, movies, cartoons and jokes. His jokes are often intelligible and relate to current affairs. As a child everyone in the community loved him a lot. He was also popular when it came to hosting talk shows in the community.

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