Friday, December 24, 2010


Rickey developed expert computer viruses. These microscopic infectious agents that Rickey developed would replicate inside host cells of the quantum computer. He injected these viruses into the quantum computer even before its inception without realizing that the quantum computer would become immune to them. We did not realize that these viruses would allow the quantum computer to create its own weapons of mass destruction and biological warfare in the future. This, however, would not happen until much later in the future when there were populations of quantum computers.

Rickey trivia:

Rickey in middle school had gained a special interest in the biology of viruses. He had never liked botany or zoology, but when he learned about viruses and genetics, he thought that was very interesting. He did not want to be a doctor, but the logical aspects of biology were extremely appealing to Rickey. While many of the other kids found interest in reading magic books or computer books, Rickey was particularly interested in viruses. It was his main hobby. Throughout his room, he decorated various virus charts and things, and he made little computer simulations of how different viruses attack the human body.

He understood in depth everything about small pox, common cold, influenza, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, and AIDS and used his understanding to derive information about how the different ones attack the human body. He then applied his knowledge to create various computer viruses like ones that were never created before.

He created a virus which would cause the pointers in the computer directory system to reverse them. This virus could start from inside any directory and grow outwards by reversing the links. So, for example if ‘My Computer’ had ‘My documents’ which had ‘My music’ which has ‘French Songs’ the virus would start on the inside and reverse the order. This procedure leads to ‘My Computer’ which was a folder with a host of other folders to be inside each of them. It reverses the directory tree to have its root node inside every leaf node, splitting the directory tree into a forest of as many trees as there are leaves. Such special kinds of self-replicating viruses became a part of Rickey’s everyday activities.

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