Friday, December 24, 2010


Silver is pure and simple and always in a transition. He never does one thing for too long. Some call him the jack of all trades. He is truly a jack of ALL trades. This makes him the trump of all jacks. Silver will do anything from pottery to sky diving to archeology to rocket science to startups and entrepreneurship to law or medicine. He has no bounds. He just jumps in anywhere and quickly learns and proceeds to do reasonably well in the task or project. Silver got his masters degree in experimental physics from Syracuse, NY.

Silver trivia:

Silver was trying to develop a small space agency of his own. He met with Valisa about it who agreed to let him incubate his space agency inside ScientificChess given that he would do some small tasks in return. He enrolled inside the Security office for special purposes and continues to work on developing his space agency with the support of ScientificChess community. It is upon his request and Valisa’s generosity that Gold also got a chance to be admitted into the ScientificChess community.

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