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Silver is pure and simple and always in a transition. He never does one thing for too long. Some call him the jack of all trades. He is truly a jack of ALL trades. This makes him the trump of all jacks. Silver will do anything from pottery to sky diving to archeology to rocket science to startups and entrepreneurship to law or medicine. He has no bounds. He just jumps in anywhere and quickly learns and proceeds to do reasonably well in the task or project. Silver got his masters degree in experimental physics from Syracuse, NY.

Silver trivia:

Silver was trying to develop a small space agency of his own. He met with Valisa about it who agreed to let him incubate his space agency inside ScientificChess given that he would do some small tasks in return. He enrolled inside the Security office for special purposes and continues to work on developing his space agency with the support of ScientificChess community. It is upon his request and Valisa’s generosity that Gold also got a chance to be admitted into the ScientificChess community.


Gold is precious and always in transition just like Silver. He is good friends with Silver and very malleable. He can take on a variety of activities as well without any issues. Gold and Silver enjoy working on random projects with each other. Together, they form "electrum." Gold is certainly helping Silver with his space agency. He got his master’s degree in mathematics from Boston University. His degree in mathematics has allowed him to explore many facets of life in a purely quantitative way. He works at a level of abstraction which allows him to apply the same theory to multiple projects and tasks.

Gold will typically write one paper. He would thin out the same paper for covering one application after another to create many more papers from it. In order to do this, all he had to do was follow the abstraction down the tree data structure filling in the specific details of any given application.

Gold trivia:

Gold and Silver have been good friends since elementary school where they first learned about the ‘elements.’ They are still elements of their elementary school that have been morphed into ScientificChess as structural elements to complete the system. One should, however, not assume that they are irrelevant to ScientificChess. In fact, they are mission critical elements of the system that will play a great role in the future of the organization when their space agency gains more traction and leads to some of the mankind’s most astonishing achievements.


White is a high school dropout. In high school, he discovered the internet. The internet appealed to him a lot more than whatever they were teaching in school at that time. He stopped paying attention in all of his classes. He thought his teachers were useless. His mediocre parents never understood him much and were both always out for their own work and after parties. Some evenings there would be fights since he wasn’t doing well in school, typical between teens and their parents, but at the end of the day White did what he wanted to do.

Unlike for many of the other kids, the games were only somewhat appealing to White. Repetition of the same moves was not for White. It’s what the average kids and even adults did. That is why school was boring. Every day you go, you sit there for 8 hours, come back and do some homework and that’s life. Online sites like Wikipedia and Whackpedia took up most of White’s time. He enjoyed learning one thing after another. It was much more efficient this way and he could also follow his passions. Education began to have meaning, unlike being the trivia memorized to pass tests as it is for the average high school student.

White Trivia:

ScientificChess found White because of his extensive brilliant contributions to the Whackpedia site they ran. Unlike in Wikipedia where only persons of great stature are able to get credit for any kind of work, Whackpedia allowed White to be discovered. He was able to tag his contributions as his own, maintain a full profile and make truly brilliant contributions. As his work became more popular, it would often get sited in books, journals, and other wikis as well.

White has gained special attention in the area of bio-design after coming to ScientificChess. Although, he is a security guard he has had the opportunity to work with many of the PhD candidates on papers in the area. The PhD candidates always welcome him because he comes up with some of the most brilliant ideas even though he might not know how to mathematically represent them and turn them into an acceptable paper, something the PhD candidates are really good at. Under the guidance of Dr. Mutter, White along with his officer duties participates in remote control operations, where he gets a chance to develop bio-design and engineering competitions and fellowships from ScientificChess for other schools and colleges.


Grey is in charge of the security office along with Black. Together, Grey and Black handle any top level requests, disputes, or organization of the department. Grey is very inquisitive about everything and will ask every dumb question that comes to his mind. He follows the philosophy that it is easier to ask a dumb question that to correct a dumb mistake. When it comes to mission critical systems like security, one should put hesitancy aside and ask away.

Grey is typically a mess. He avoids showers, shaves, haircuts and anything else that results in him having to do more work. He questions these tasks as being unnecessary for the most part. Hair will grow again anyways, for example. His parents and others used to try to tell him about this, but would eventually walk away in frustration when he would begin questioning each and every aspect of the situation. Really, there was no logical explanation for all this for Grey.

Grey’s inquisitive nature, however, was great for ScientificChess. It would keep everyone on the alert and thinking about what they were saying and doing. It was not that Grey would waste people’s time. He just always wanted to be sure he understood the situation fully and not partially.

Grey trivia:

Grey was born with his eyes and hands open which is unnatural for a child. He wasn’t really crying but wondering about the surroundings. His inquisitive nature was not one that was adopted from the environment but an innate one. He has been inquiring about his presence in the world ever since his birth.


Mickey grew up hacking systems. He knew how to open up everything from a combination lock to a RFID lock. He had intense knowledge of data structures, operating systems, cryptography, computer security, number theory etc. As a child he used to steal money from his parents cupboard. When he grew up he became interested in finding hacks to various computer games and then from there hacking file systems and so forth.

He once attempted to hack the ScientificChess secure database system but was caught snooping around the network by detective Red. Red was not really an engineer but had a keen eye for anything out of the ordinary happening in any system.

Red observed that there was one extra connection that usual in the system and with the help of Dr. Martin discovered that the extra connection was not anyone inside ScientificChess but a hacker outside. The team quickly tracked down the hacker, who happened to be Mickey. He was immediately offered the job at ScientificChess to work on computer security.

Mickey trivia:

Mickey’s biggest hacking attempt was that on the RSA encryption of a user at Bank of America. Mickey had made a large scale lookup table of large prime numbers and compared those against millions of public keys. One of the public keys happened to match the prime numbers in his lookup table and he took a shot at it.

Indeed, the encryption broke down for that one key, and Mickey was able to get into the account. Unfortunately, the account had nothing but the minimum of $25 in savings that were necessary just to keep the account open. Mickey realized most accounts were worthless, and so spending so much effort on unlocking one random account was unlikely to result in any reasonable gain. He did not take the $25 as that was not worth risking getting caught for. His lookup table, perhaps the most complex and exhaustive prime number multiplication table to ever exist in the world, continued to serve as a testing tool for the quantum computer at ScientificChess.


Rickey developed expert computer viruses. These microscopic infectious agents that Rickey developed would replicate inside host cells of the quantum computer. He injected these viruses into the quantum computer even before its inception without realizing that the quantum computer would become immune to them. We did not realize that these viruses would allow the quantum computer to create its own weapons of mass destruction and biological warfare in the future. This, however, would not happen until much later in the future when there were populations of quantum computers.

Rickey trivia:

Rickey in middle school had gained a special interest in the biology of viruses. He had never liked botany or zoology, but when he learned about viruses and genetics, he thought that was very interesting. He did not want to be a doctor, but the logical aspects of biology were extremely appealing to Rickey. While many of the other kids found interest in reading magic books or computer books, Rickey was particularly interested in viruses. It was his main hobby. Throughout his room, he decorated various virus charts and things, and he made little computer simulations of how different viruses attack the human body.

He understood in depth everything about small pox, common cold, influenza, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, and AIDS and used his understanding to derive information about how the different ones attack the human body. He then applied his knowledge to create various computer viruses like ones that were never created before.

He created a virus which would cause the pointers in the computer directory system to reverse them. This virus could start from inside any directory and grow outwards by reversing the links. So, for example if ‘My Computer’ had ‘My documents’ which had ‘My music’ which has ‘French Songs’ the virus would start on the inside and reverse the order. This procedure leads to ‘My Computer’ which was a folder with a host of other folders to be inside each of them. It reverses the directory tree to have its root node inside every leaf node, splitting the directory tree into a forest of as many trees as there are leaves. Such special kinds of self-replicating viruses became a part of Rickey’s everyday activities.


Polley graduated from Yale with an immense amount of coursework in history and ethics but a degree in theoretical physics. He has also taken many courses in law and public policy. His father had been a politician and so from him he has also learned many tactics and political maneuvers. Polley has many convictions about the role of modern technology and sciences in the world. He is also the master of the dark arts. Polley can brilliantly manipulate any situation to his advantage.

One of the things that stand out about Polley is his hair style. It looks like it is covering something. Indeed, it is. It is covering all the dark matter inside his brain that is scheming and evil. His innocent look hides a lot too. Polley is the biggest con artist as ScientificChess who is interested in the destruction of the quantum computer and doesn’t want the scientists to be able to complete it or other technologies in general.

Polley triva:

Polley often manipulates Noofey into passing certain incomplete information out to the world. Polley understands people and their psychology more than actual physics. Some might think that he is extremely racist and discriminates and generalizes. He does have a lot of general notions about people based on their backgrounds, but he can understand people’s background at such a fine grain level that it isn’t quite fair to say he is wrong about his generalizations and discriminations. A good description of Polley is perhaps ‘the evil Sherlock Holmes of ScientificChess.’ No one really knows all the wrong doings he is behind though. His innocent looks cover it all.


Noofey has a very strong marketing background although he has chosen the career path of a scientist. He took most of his courses in the Stanford business school but got his degree in mechanical engineering. Noofey was always looking for popularity and fame. He was part of every social network on the web and new thousands of random people from around the world. He would spend a lot of time pursuing small talk and leaking information about the work happening in ScientificChess to the rest of the world. Noofey was easily manipulated by Polley who sat next to him in the basement of ScientificChess.

Noofey today managed one of the largest viral marketing platforms on the web known as ViralGem. Noofey’s platform was capable of digging out the key persons in any given area of importance algorithmically. He had developed and coded many ranking and search systems in python that allowed him to find relevant markets, people, websites etc. He changed the face of traditional marketing by supplementing it heavily with digital network algorithms.

Noofey trivia:

Noofey believed that in principle memories and the ability to remember was the root of all evil and sadness. He believed that ignorance is bliss and therefore all of mankind should have the boon of ignorance. Alzheimers was in many ways a boon in the opinion of Noofey. A person could be happy by seeing the same thing again and again and forget his sorrows. His mother had the disease. He was happy for her and had a strong conviction that he too would have it one day. He believed as a person gets older he or she accumulates more and more sorrows of life. The older generation thinks that they are wiser and the younger generation thinks that they are in more intelligent. The view of the older persons about life tends to become more and more confined about what they can and cannot do. Through not remembering too much about failures, they can maintain wider horizons and possibly have more success. Along with all his other crazy theories, Noofey also believed in indulging in the seven deadly sins and his eternal greatness.


Emir is the king of all gamers. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics. The game can be anything involving angles and logic – laser tag, pool, golf, checkers, or any videogames. Emir is also a lover of science fiction and watches all the science fiction movies and shows. Emir is fast and he’s sharp at making observations and reacting to one coming objects. He is also good at ignoring all the extra things going on along the side.

Emir likes to work closely with graphics specialist Romero and the sound specialist Santir when developing interesting new gaming projects. Emir created the new genre of entertainment called ‘gamov’ with help of graphics specialist Romero. Emir loves to cheat in games by developing macros and other special hardware that allows him to win all the time. When necessary, Emir will use multiple computers and multiple accounts to ensure victory in an online game. The thing about Emir is he never loses regardless of what he might need to do.

Emir trivia:

Emir recently won a monopoly tournament simply due to his patience. He was playing the game on where when he began to lose, he stopped making moves. As there was no time limit, the other guys just got tired after each game, and soon Emir became the winner of the tournament. Emir is the king of logic, speed, and also patience. Perhaps, that is why he sustained being a physicist for so long as no experiment could ever tire him out. He would live 100 years just to watch a superconductor lose its superconductivity if he ever had to.

Hollen Baldy

Every generation of the Baldy family went bald. It was tradition. They were eternal thinkers. Every thought consumed their hair like a parasite consumes the leaves. Hollen Baldy’s left brain dealt with organized complexity and his right brain dealt with disorganized complexity as proposed by Warren Weaver, one of the well-known pioneers of machine translation. He balanced the simplicity of Roofus Rova and the white players with complexity at ScientificChess corporation.

Hollen Baldy made significant contributions in the field of complexity sciences. He studied agent based modeling such as with genetic algorithms, cellular automata, artificial life, multi-agent modeling, computational modeling and so on. Although he was officially a webmaster, he was also a researcher at ScientificChess in the field of complexity. He developed theories in the area of self-assembly and organization, emergence, dynamics in systems, new sciences of networks etc. Hollen Baldy is well known at ScientificChess for his work along with Dr. Raman in combining genetic algorithms and design patterns. Many of his contributions are directly related to his deeper understanding of complexity theory.

Along with everything Hollen Baldy is involved in the Cybernetics group at ScientificChess. This group has also published many papers in control theory and regulatory mechanisms. Some of Hollen Baldy’s work has been in collaboration with Santir, Romero, and Emir who also work in the areas of control theory within their respective research areas.

Hollen Baldy trivia:

Hollen Baldy has since his childhood always developed complex systems. He once designed a complete air traffic system all by himself taking care of every detail. Although, his air traffic system never replaced the air traffic system already in place as designed by FAA, his air traffic system is often used in colleges for aerospace engineering students to study and extend upon. Baldy’s air traffic system has many peculiar advantages over the traditional air traffic system in organization that allow it to not require special measures for aspects like separation assurance.


Santir has a dual degree in music and electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. At ScientificChess, he works along with the Romero in the electrical engineering lab. Santir is well known for having refined methods for representing music digitally. Using his algorithms, many of the digital music and sound devices today sound as good as analog devices for music.

Santir works on designing special algorithms for representing various musical instruments with a high quality in digital media. There are several people like Quarkezon who have great contributions in the world of sound and waves. Santir finds it advantageous to be able to work directly with Quarkezon and his work at ScientificChess.

Santir trivia:

Santir is a friendly guy who gets along well with Romero. Together, they are able to solve many different problems in human machine interaction related to both sounds and graphics. They can help design new forms of media or improve existing ones. Santir is highly motivated team worker and really enjoys being able to work with others at ScientificChess.

Santir is extremely inspired by all types of music and wants to one day develop the most beautiful music from solutions of mathematical equations. It was in a dream that he once heard music so beautiful that it became his quest in life to reproduce such music. In the dream itself, he got the insight that the music was purely mathematically generated.


Romero has an M.S. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon also like Dr. Martin and Dr. Raman. Dr. Raman had in fact been one of his teaching assistants for the machine learning course. Romero chose to specialize in graphics and human computer interaction. At ScientificChess, he now works closely with the sound specialist Santir in the electrical engineering lab.

He is the founder of the new genre of entertainment known as “gamov.” A “gamov” is a type of interactive movie that is also a game. It is a little different from role playing games in that it is actually a movie that has multiple paths that have been directed and shot by producers. It has, however, multiple threads and multiple endings that a viewer can get to based on the actions they select for the characters.

Romero trivia:

Romero has a good sense of humor. Although he is mostly interested in computer science and programming he also enjoys politics, movies, cartoons and jokes. His jokes are often intelligible and relate to current affairs. As a child everyone in the community loved him a lot. He was also popular when it came to hosting talk shows in the community.

Dr. Javaid

Dr. Javaid has a PhD in electronics from Cambridge University. He is one of the most organized and punctual persons and ScientificChess. He never shows up for the breakfast in the morning with the rest of the team as he likes to spend that time with his kids. He drops them to school every morning and then spends 2 hours praying as he’s also a very religious man. Sharp at 11:00 AM he shows up at office and leaves for home sharp at 9:00 PM. He prefers to arrange all his meetings in the mornings before lunch and spends his afternoons and evenings making presentations and writing papers about his research.

Dr. Javaid is a family man and has five children and a loving wife. He likes to spend as weekends with his family and not at work. He works hard to save money for being able to send them all to college. He also spends a lot of time and ScientificChess developing business projects and fund raising for the company. Dr. Javaid believes in fully utilizing all resources present.

Dr. Javaid says:

"Walking on too much money or power is like walking on a thin rope above the fire. One must pick the people around very carefully, or else they will push him into the fire." - Dr. Javaid - "Champions of the Mind"


Mark is a philosopher like Jung. His specialization is in Western philosophy as opposed to Jung who is a master of Eastern philosophies. He has a doctorate of philosophy in philosophy from Harvard University. He’s an expert of stealing everyone’s ideas without plagiarizing a thing. Mark really knows how to take credit for all the work done by everyone. He has a good personality, speaks and talks extremely well. Anyone who meets him is bound to be impressed by how much he knows about multifarious things. It is his philosophical understanding that theft is not theft until one is caught. He’s a master of the dark cards at ScientificChess along with Polley.

Because of his great personality, both Pakuna and Valisa have crushes on him. He might talk about the philosophy of fate and free will all the time, but destiny is not known to him either. Through strong reasoning, however, he can predict the most likely destiny especially when close to him in space and time. The 33rd champion of the mind, not mentioned here in characters, can perhaps do it better than any other, even Mark. To find out who this champion is you must read the rest of The Quantum Inspiration.

Mark trivia:

Mark made it to ScientificChess as a champion of the mind due to his strong willpower. He meditated upon the powers of the dark cards and found the right card on which he hit. He convinced Valisa that he should be a part of ScientificChess. In turn, Valisa convinced Quarkezon and he became a member of ScientificChess simply through highly forceful willpower. No one quite understands how he does it but he seems to be able to get anything he desires.

Quarkezon (Alfred J. Hubba)

Quarkezon, aka Alfred J. Hubba, is young but known to be the smartest man in ScientificChess. Several times a Nobel Prize nominee Quarkezon is a distinguished member of the world’s scientific community. He holds a PhD in physics from Stanford University. His resume is full of hundreds of awards and highly cited papers. No one dares to challenge any of his results without expecting to find out that they are as wrong as the most uneducated person on earth about the most sophisticated mathematical concepts.

Quarkezon is known for his abilities of visualization in higher dimensions and is deeper understanding of space, time, and waves. Quarkezon continues Einstein’s quest of trying to combine the four dimensions but more generally devise methods for solving partial differential equations in their general form. Quarkezon is not only a champion of the mind, but a grandmaster mind.

Quarkezon trivia:

Quarkezon, formerly Alfred J. Hubba, unveiled the mysterious effects of high energy particles on quantum systems like a squirrel splitting open nuts. After gaining fame as the genius who truly demonstrated the existence of quarks and discovering quark fields and getting hired by ScientificChess Corporation Quarkezon’s immanent aspirations and abilities fell like rain from a heavy cloud in a low pressure region. Quarkezon alone had more understanding of waves and particles than the six billion people of the world. Few people rose to the point of studying the topic and fewer to using it directly; and only one to understand it in its essence. Repeatedly, Quarkezon became a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physics. However, due to the some or the other lack of understanding on the judges part he had not yet been able to win the grand prize.

Hundreds of newspaper articles hugged the walls in the office along with tables listing the properties of multifarious particles in various contexts. A counter like the ones found in kitchens circumvented the room that had no other tables or chairs. The back of the locked door formed a bookcase extended onto the wall, designed to close at the opening of the door. The case stocked with books silently observed the intensity with which Quarkezon, locked amidst information, studied slowly and steadily. Numerable files rested on the counter hiding its creepy color that had been once used for an optical illusion experiment. However, the man responsible for the experiment had been too much of a libertine and thus, accused of witchcraft and given the “swimming test.” He swam and was hung to death by his preposterous community of the twenty-first century. Quarkezon, mourned by his friend’s death, took over his room to always keep him near.

Only two people and one power kept Quarkezon alive. One had been his friend who got hanged. The other, his mother, lived with him, and the power of knowledge and his passion for it kept him alive. All day Quarkezon stood and walked around in his friend’s memory (the room) trying to encompass as much knowledge as possible before his end. He knew knowledge herself was too almighty for him to ever be able to encompass fully but like a lover he tried to get every sight of her that he could. When he could stand no longer he would go home to his mother and fall asleep in security.

Violet Violence

Violet was oftentimes quite violent. He also loved the violin. He could play for days at an end and held the Guinness record for playing the violin straight for 4.5 days. He had a lot of anger in him. He would let it out through the violin strings. Violet was extremely emotional and oftentimes illogical, but he always followed the heart. Violet would create music and color. Violet would make the world dance. Violate would make the birds sing. He could make the stones burst with tears or make an army fight amongst themselves.

On one end of the spectrum he sat. On one end of the chessboard he sat. A measly one color pawn he was but without him, neither the white light was complete nor the white chess pieces. Without his anger, without his illogic, neither ambition nor logic could exist at ScientificChess.

Violet trivia:

Violet had one fine day just decided that he wanted to work at ScientificChess and walked over with his Violin. Impressing everyone with his Violin he forced his way through and there was no stopping him. His violin became an inspiration for many. He became the pied piper not of Hamelin but ScientificChess, not of rats but wise men. He was perhaps better described as a champion of talent than a champion of the mind.

Blue Ambition

Blue is the symbol of ambition. He is as a vast as the light blue sky and as the dark blue ocean. His vastness is full of ambitious jewels that outshine everything. Blue was known for being an amazing poker and pool player. As a child blue had always wanted to be really rich.

He figured that by being an amazing poker and pool player he could earn his fortune by gambling and he did. Blue made a fortune from playing the two games. In fact, he became the first billionaire from merely playing these two games. But then came a time, when he began to get greedy. He started betting more and more on hard wins and one day he lost it. He went on a losing streak and then he had no choice but to find work.

Blue trivia:

Blue was extremely intelligent and could find his way through anything. He decided he wanted to join the greatest and most ambitious organization in the world: ScientificChess. He did. His ambition this time was not to become a billionaire but to ensure that ScientificChess would be successful in the very ambitious projects it picked, such as developing the personal quantum computer.


Green had once been a teacher. He enjoyed teaching math and sciences to students. The students loved him because of all the different kinds of experiments he would do as demonstrations. He loved teaching a lot about clean and renewable energy, known as GreenTech after his name. He kept all the students very involved and always had interesting stories to tell. He was in many ways the master of luck and the strangest things would happen to him.

His father had been an astronomer and he knew more about the sky than even some of the best astronomers. Green’s quantum inspiration had been all the amazing amateur photography of his father of the sky. Many of the photos were as amazing as any other taken even by the million dollar projects by NASA and others.

Green trivia:

He found his way to ScientificChess when he took his students out on an expedition. His students and he were caught using binoculars and telescopes to spy on activities going on inside ScientificChess. The guards were going to send him to jail, however, when Earl found out that he was from the same school is Mrs. Jenkins and intended no harm he let him go. Soon after that incident Green applied to ScientificChess for the position of a security guard. Seeing his extraordinary capabilities as a teacher and seeing his genuine interest for advancing science and technology, he was permitted to join ScientificChess. At ScientificChess he also participates in the remote control operations in bringing in youth for special programs in clean and renewable energy, known as the ScientificChess GreenTech (SGT) program after him.


Yellow doesn’t look Chinese but he is. After having been born in Beijing he left the country when he was one year old. No one knows who his real parents are. He was found floating down the Brahmaputra river in Assam by a tea farmer who adopted him. He found this out when he turned 10 and ran away from home into Burma. There he was found hungry and starving by a Taiwanese navy commando. The commando offered him a job on the ship which took him to Taiwan.

Later on, Yellow became the captain of the ship at which he sailed over the Pacific to the United States. After being arrested by the authorities in the United States he decided to write about all his travels. In the five years in jail, he wrote is complete biography. After leaving jail where he also learned how to play chess from an expert fellow, Yellow found a publisher for his biography which became a bestseller.

Yellow trivia:

One day Yellow was sitting in a restaurant with this chessboard looking for people to play against. It was there that Brown had also come to eat and took up Yellow’s challenge to a chess game. Both were impressed by each other’s attention to details and strategy in playing. Brown was particularly impressed by Yellow when he saw that Yellow was not looking down at the board much and was analyzing all the moves mostly in his own head.

After learning more about Yellow and the book he had written, Brown decided to take Yellow to ScientificChess where he also took up a job as a security officer along with Brown. It was less for the money as he was earning good money selling his biography, but more for the desire to keep company and play mental chess with Brown on a daily basis.


Orange was born in Moscow, Russia. He received a B.S. degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University in computer science. He then went on to join the Russian space program as an astronaut candidate. However, after never getting a chance to fly he decided he was not well placed and he came to the United States where he got his chance in a flight school in Florida.

Orange was a sincere and inquisitive security officer at ScientificChess. Orange preferred to resolve problems by himself when he could. He would not skip over details, but more importantly he would also not let others skip details. He would question everything in existence to ensure that things went as they were supposed to. Orange also loved taking risks. He was not the kind of guy that could sit at home and be patient.

Orange trivia:

Many years ago when Orange heard about the lawn chair Larry he decided to try the experiment himself as well. He too took a lawn chair and tied some 50 helium balloons to it and equipped himself with the help of a friend. He put on a parachute and strapped himself into the chair. He took his pellet gun, a CB radio, chips, altimeter and a camera. When his friend cut the cord that tied his lawn chair to some poles in a park, his lawn chair rose rapidly to a height of about 20,000 feet (4,600 m).

After being flight for approximately 2 hours, Orange unstrapped himself and used the parachute to land. Orange landed inside the ScientificChess campus and when questioned by the guards explained the situation. After considering what to do with Orange, the champions of the mind decided to hire him as a security officer in ScientificChess. His lawn chair was not found later.

Detective Red

Red is one of the most intelligent security officers at ScientificChess. He can think through the possibilities and details of any situation. Red grew up solving IQ tests, puzzles, and trivia questions all his life. That was his favorite activity. He had been one of the outstanding MENSA members as a child. He was more like a detective at ScientificChess than a security officer. Red would collect all kinds of clues and solve any situation like a mystery.

Red trivia:

Red enjoyed Sherlock Holmes growing up. He always wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes himself but he always some more Watson in himself. Solving mysteries he had scratched all his hair out except the stuff that hung on the sides. His eyes had grown glaring and his lips tight. He was always very serious when he spoke.

Red it dropped out of high school. He had made it to ScientificChess when the hacked through the security at the corporation and was caught reading through research papers. It turned out that he was actually interested in research; however, he had not been the best at passing tests and exams at school. Earl instead of deciding to sue and throw him in jail decided to keep them in the security forces that ScientificChess. His nickname Red came about due to having been caught red handed.


Brown was born in Jaipur, India. He was an avid chess player and a mountaineer. He always pursued his hobbies as his career in life. That had been the key to his success. His parents weren’t very educated; however, he had managed to learn a lot by reading himself. His parents, however, had a lot of wealth accumulated generation after generation. After winning several awards for mountaineering in the local regions he pursued higher goals and eventually had the chance to climb all the way up to Mount Everest. Although, it exerted quite a bit of stress on his body he came back safe and sound.

Brown eventually joined the Indian army and got a chance to travel to the United States. He liked it here so much that he began looking for work here. Eventually, he found himself a nice position as a security officer at ScientificChess. Brown now spends most of his time working random tasks and challenges his mind by playing mind games against Yellow.

Brown trivia:

Brown had many insights as a runner and mountaineer. Spending a lot of time alone had allowed him to contemplate on many different philosophies of life. Although, he had no formal training in philosophy like Jung he had a keen interest in philosophy. Brown often thought about God and had come to the conclusion that not even God is perfect and omniscient for that is a contradiction. God cannot create a bridge he cannot walk over, if he is omnipotent for example.

But more than philosophy, Brown had an interest in science. He contemplated the details of mountains and their formations, of gravity, and the forces upon the human body involved in running, walking, and climbing. At ScientificChess, due to his more sophisticated understanding of the interaction between nature and man, he had also been very helpful in designing the human computer interaction (HCI) pieces of the quantum computer.


Black was born in Nigeria where he started his career as a miner. After finding a rare diamond while mining Black became rich by selling it. He then went on to pursue an education in Canada and made his way as a security officer at ScientificChess. Black is hard working and strong and is always willing to fight for truth and justice. His diligence and hard work has made him a leader in the security forces of ScientificChess along with Grey.

Black trivia:

Black learned to play chess on the streets from the Frenchmen around University of Toronto. He became an expert player quickly as he is always willing to carefully contemplate all possibilities. Brown and Yellow were the only players in the security forces that could beat Black at chess due to their advanced knowledge of strategies that he did not have a chance to read up on. He, however, was the most brutal basketball player at ScientificChess. His strength, agility, and height had helped him throughout his mining career and continued to help him here in physical sports.

Roofus Rova

Roofus Rova is simply an expert. Enough said. The king of simplicity and compactness he is the websmaster at ScientificChess. He is brilliant at creating sleek and impressive designs and hiding all the trivia inside the box.

Dr. Raman

Dr. Raman holds a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. His expertise is in genetic algorithms, machine learning, and machine design. Dr. Raman is the founder of evolutionary computer languages that are based in the principles of genetic algorithms. His work at ScientificChess has proven to be invaluable in helping make the quantum computer as modular as possible resulting in easy packaging.

He is the master of object oriented design and design patterns. He can quickly discover the most optimal design patterns to use for a given problem using genetic algorithms which are his personal favorite. Often times, it is not a particular well understood and known design pattern that is the optimal design, but rather a mixture of multiple designs. Genetic algorithms are great for finding the right mix.

Dr. Raman is also a great cook and has keen interest in chemistry. He has applied genetic algorithms to create many exciting new foods which he holds patents over. Restaurants license these various foods from him and he happily consumes the money that is earned to further his own research at ScientificChess.

Dr. Raman trivia:

Dr. Raman is a diehard fan of Michael Jackson­–even more so after his death. Dr. Raman also loves Johnny Cash’s voice and especially his song Highwayman especially the lines “I’ll be back…again…and again…and again.” Evolution and reincarnation are his favorite concepts. Dr. Raman believes that the variables in computer science are essentially reincarnations of the memory. When a variable dies, its soul or its memory does not. Instead, the same memory is replaced by a new variable. That is reincarnation. The soul is never destroyed until the hardware of the universe itself is destroyed. Then too, something will remain. That, which remains, is the soul of the universe.

Dr. Raman is also a firm believer in that he knows something about his previous lifetime. He thinks he was a bird previously. Typically, people don’t know about their previous lifetime. This insight about his past lifetime that Dr. Raman carries with him, however, has forced him to think in more depth about access control methods like public, private, and protected.

Can the memory or the hardware retain certain information about a variable and actually pass it onto the next initialization of the memory? Certainly, this hasn’t been possible with a classical computer; however, with the help of the hardware scientist Martin and his research on stem cells they manage to construct some of this functionality into the quantum computer. The idea of information being inherited through hardware itself has lead to the concepts of public, private, and protected in the quantum computer’s hardware as well at ScientificChess.

Dr. Raven

Raven is a brilliant author and singer. Raven has his PhD in physics from the University of Arizona. He has written several books around various technologies and is currently completing his book on the development of the quantum computer. Impressed by his research and knowledge of quantum computing in order to write his book, Dr. Mutter invited him to join ScientificChess. Raven travels a lot and meets a lot of people in order to do the research for his novels to bring the best to the crowds. He has the art of taking very complex technologies and communicating them in simple ways to the average person. His novels can be appreciated by readers at many levels.

Raven’s work although is not always exact as he likes to write fiction now, it is often extremely insightful and full of new ideas. Many projects in the past have been inspired by his writings although the details may have been dramatically different. It wasn’t until his last book on holographs that people realized there was a lot more potential to it than mere placement of optical lenses and mind numbing alignments. It was actually an inspiration to the development of the SCPM (ScientificChess Private Messenter) which is a holographic messaging system used as an intercom throughout ScientificChess.

Raven trivia:

Raven began his career as an author when he was just 12 years old. It started with some theories that he wrote about life on Mars and the motion of planets. His theories relied on a lot of research from newspapers and science magazines. Slowly but surely, the claims made in the newspapers and science magazines he read began to change. This is when he realized the dynamic nature of writing. Although, his theories followed as logical conclusions to what he was reading at the time even the material he had read began to change. As more information began to flow in more ideas began to come to his mind. It became a challenge to keep up and he went on writing.

Dr. Jung

Dr. Jung is a scholar from Peking University in China. He is a cryptographer and maintains a stylish sense of knowledge. He enjoys philosophy and can discuss ancient civilizations for hours at an end. A Master of Arts, languages, and sciences he is an ace of all trades. No one is able to question his authority as he knows many fields widely and is able to draw correct conclusions merely by analogy from many other fields.

Dr. Jung’s cleverness is unmatched anywhere else. He can foresee solutions to problems that specialists have no chance at determining due to their lack of intense knowledge in fields beyond their own. He is a bishop on the ScientificChess battlefield and the king’s most relied upon advisor and assistant. When all others fail at solving a problem, it is then that Earl and other leaders must come to Dr. Jung for his advice. He is a key player in resolving dire situations and there is no replacement for Dr. Jung in this world.

Dr. Jung trivia:

Dr. Jung has actually dwelled in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal for two years of his life where he acquired much of his artistic and philosophical skills from a great monk. He did not follow the traditional paths to success but made his way through life with many unique experiences such as living in 17 different countries. As a child he had wanted to become a preacher. However, his father who had been in the Chinese military had always emphasized the sciences and engineering for him throughout the travels.

After graduating from high school when his father was serving in Cambodia during a war, Jung left his father to go back to mainland China and join Peking University. It was from there that he again picked up his interests in philosophy and arts and went to a Buddhist monastery to learn. It was there that he realized the close connections between the sciences, arts, and philosophy. A world of things started coming together for him and eventually he found his place in ScientificChess.

Dr. Pakuna

Dr. Pakuna is an exceptionally brilliant scientist. Not only is she one of the few female scientists at ScientificChess, she is also a rare gem of the Miwok Native American Indian tribe. Her name means a deer jumping down a hill. Dr. Pakuna went to Stanford University after growing up in northern California for her dual degree in Material Sciences and Mechanical Engineering. She then went on to complete her PhD in Physics from Berkeley University.

After her degree from Berkeley, she began work in Mountain View, California at Google headquarters where she ran into her high school crush Martin again. Martin at the time had become more arrogant than ever before due to all his successes in the technological field. Pakuna found this arrogance quite disturbing and annoying and eventually decided she was not getting her share of attention at Google. She then left Google and came to join ScientificChess.

Later when Martin joined ScientificChess, Pakuna and Martin became friends again. At ScientificChess, Pakuna’s best friend is Valisa as she is the only other girl researcher. Pakuna and Valisa tend to share a lot of research and have long discussions together about their work.

Dr. Pakuna trivia:

Dr. Pakuna went high school with Dr. Martin. She was a smart tall bold woman and Martin was the genius of their high school class. Although, they never told each other they both always held a secret crush on each other throughout high school. Dr. Pakuna was the ultimate symbol of Hope. She would never let go of her hope that someday Martin would find her heart and propose it to her. It wasn’t all so simple though as she did have a boyfriend throughout high school. His name was Mark. This was perhaps the reason Martin had never been able to truly tell her. Yet, she never left hope that one day Martin would come back to her.