Friday, December 24, 2010


Grey is in charge of the security office along with Black. Together, Grey and Black handle any top level requests, disputes, or organization of the department. Grey is very inquisitive about everything and will ask every dumb question that comes to his mind. He follows the philosophy that it is easier to ask a dumb question that to correct a dumb mistake. When it comes to mission critical systems like security, one should put hesitancy aside and ask away.

Grey is typically a mess. He avoids showers, shaves, haircuts and anything else that results in him having to do more work. He questions these tasks as being unnecessary for the most part. Hair will grow again anyways, for example. His parents and others used to try to tell him about this, but would eventually walk away in frustration when he would begin questioning each and every aspect of the situation. Really, there was no logical explanation for all this for Grey.

Grey’s inquisitive nature, however, was great for ScientificChess. It would keep everyone on the alert and thinking about what they were saying and doing. It was not that Grey would waste people’s time. He just always wanted to be sure he understood the situation fully and not partially.

Grey trivia:

Grey was born with his eyes and hands open which is unnatural for a child. He wasn’t really crying but wondering about the surroundings. His inquisitive nature was not one that was adopted from the environment but an innate one. He has been inquiring about his presence in the world ever since his birth.

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