Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Javaid

Dr. Javaid has a PhD in electronics from Cambridge University. He is one of the most organized and punctual persons and ScientificChess. He never shows up for the breakfast in the morning with the rest of the team as he likes to spend that time with his kids. He drops them to school every morning and then spends 2 hours praying as he’s also a very religious man. Sharp at 11:00 AM he shows up at office and leaves for home sharp at 9:00 PM. He prefers to arrange all his meetings in the mornings before lunch and spends his afternoons and evenings making presentations and writing papers about his research.

Dr. Javaid is a family man and has five children and a loving wife. He likes to spend as weekends with his family and not at work. He works hard to save money for being able to send them all to college. He also spends a lot of time and ScientificChess developing business projects and fund raising for the company. Dr. Javaid believes in fully utilizing all resources present.

Dr. Javaid says:

"Walking on too much money or power is like walking on a thin rope above the fire. One must pick the people around very carefully, or else they will push him into the fire." - Dr. Javaid - "Champions of the Mind"

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