Friday, December 24, 2010


Noofey has a very strong marketing background although he has chosen the career path of a scientist. He took most of his courses in the Stanford business school but got his degree in mechanical engineering. Noofey was always looking for popularity and fame. He was part of every social network on the web and new thousands of random people from around the world. He would spend a lot of time pursuing small talk and leaking information about the work happening in ScientificChess to the rest of the world. Noofey was easily manipulated by Polley who sat next to him in the basement of ScientificChess.

Noofey today managed one of the largest viral marketing platforms on the web known as ViralGem. Noofey’s platform was capable of digging out the key persons in any given area of importance algorithmically. He had developed and coded many ranking and search systems in python that allowed him to find relevant markets, people, websites etc. He changed the face of traditional marketing by supplementing it heavily with digital network algorithms.

Noofey trivia:

Noofey believed that in principle memories and the ability to remember was the root of all evil and sadness. He believed that ignorance is bliss and therefore all of mankind should have the boon of ignorance. Alzheimers was in many ways a boon in the opinion of Noofey. A person could be happy by seeing the same thing again and again and forget his sorrows. His mother had the disease. He was happy for her and had a strong conviction that he too would have it one day. He believed as a person gets older he or she accumulates more and more sorrows of life. The older generation thinks that they are wiser and the younger generation thinks that they are in more intelligent. The view of the older persons about life tends to become more and more confined about what they can and cannot do. Through not remembering too much about failures, they can maintain wider horizons and possibly have more success. Along with all his other crazy theories, Noofey also believed in indulging in the seven deadly sins and his eternal greatness.

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