Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Pakuna

Dr. Pakuna is an exceptionally brilliant scientist. Not only is she one of the few female scientists at ScientificChess, she is also a rare gem of the Miwok Native American Indian tribe. Her name means a deer jumping down a hill. Dr. Pakuna went to Stanford University after growing up in northern California for her dual degree in Material Sciences and Mechanical Engineering. She then went on to complete her PhD in Physics from Berkeley University.

After her degree from Berkeley, she began work in Mountain View, California at Google headquarters where she ran into her high school crush Martin again. Martin at the time had become more arrogant than ever before due to all his successes in the technological field. Pakuna found this arrogance quite disturbing and annoying and eventually decided she was not getting her share of attention at Google. She then left Google and came to join ScientificChess.

Later when Martin joined ScientificChess, Pakuna and Martin became friends again. At ScientificChess, Pakuna’s best friend is Valisa as she is the only other girl researcher. Pakuna and Valisa tend to share a lot of research and have long discussions together about their work.

Dr. Pakuna trivia:

Dr. Pakuna went high school with Dr. Martin. She was a smart tall bold woman and Martin was the genius of their high school class. Although, they never told each other they both always held a secret crush on each other throughout high school. Dr. Pakuna was the ultimate symbol of Hope. She would never let go of her hope that someday Martin would find her heart and propose it to her. It wasn’t all so simple though as she did have a boyfriend throughout high school. His name was Mark. This was perhaps the reason Martin had never been able to truly tell her. Yet, she never left hope that one day Martin would come back to her.

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