Friday, December 24, 2010

Hollen Baldy

Every generation of the Baldy family went bald. It was tradition. They were eternal thinkers. Every thought consumed their hair like a parasite consumes the leaves. Hollen Baldy’s left brain dealt with organized complexity and his right brain dealt with disorganized complexity as proposed by Warren Weaver, one of the well-known pioneers of machine translation. He balanced the simplicity of Roofus Rova and the white players with complexity at ScientificChess corporation.

Hollen Baldy made significant contributions in the field of complexity sciences. He studied agent based modeling such as with genetic algorithms, cellular automata, artificial life, multi-agent modeling, computational modeling and so on. Although he was officially a webmaster, he was also a researcher at ScientificChess in the field of complexity. He developed theories in the area of self-assembly and organization, emergence, dynamics in systems, new sciences of networks etc. Hollen Baldy is well known at ScientificChess for his work along with Dr. Raman in combining genetic algorithms and design patterns. Many of his contributions are directly related to his deeper understanding of complexity theory.

Along with everything Hollen Baldy is involved in the Cybernetics group at ScientificChess. This group has also published many papers in control theory and regulatory mechanisms. Some of Hollen Baldy’s work has been in collaboration with Santir, Romero, and Emir who also work in the areas of control theory within their respective research areas.

Hollen Baldy trivia:

Hollen Baldy has since his childhood always developed complex systems. He once designed a complete air traffic system all by himself taking care of every detail. Although, his air traffic system never replaced the air traffic system already in place as designed by FAA, his air traffic system is often used in colleges for aerospace engineering students to study and extend upon. Baldy’s air traffic system has many peculiar advantages over the traditional air traffic system in organization that allow it to not require special measures for aspects like separation assurance.

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