Friday, December 24, 2010


White is a high school dropout. In high school, he discovered the internet. The internet appealed to him a lot more than whatever they were teaching in school at that time. He stopped paying attention in all of his classes. He thought his teachers were useless. His mediocre parents never understood him much and were both always out for their own work and after parties. Some evenings there would be fights since he wasn’t doing well in school, typical between teens and their parents, but at the end of the day White did what he wanted to do.

Unlike for many of the other kids, the games were only somewhat appealing to White. Repetition of the same moves was not for White. It’s what the average kids and even adults did. That is why school was boring. Every day you go, you sit there for 8 hours, come back and do some homework and that’s life. Online sites like Wikipedia and Whackpedia took up most of White’s time. He enjoyed learning one thing after another. It was much more efficient this way and he could also follow his passions. Education began to have meaning, unlike being the trivia memorized to pass tests as it is for the average high school student.

White Trivia:

ScientificChess found White because of his extensive brilliant contributions to the Whackpedia site they ran. Unlike in Wikipedia where only persons of great stature are able to get credit for any kind of work, Whackpedia allowed White to be discovered. He was able to tag his contributions as his own, maintain a full profile and make truly brilliant contributions. As his work became more popular, it would often get sited in books, journals, and other wikis as well.

White has gained special attention in the area of bio-design after coming to ScientificChess. Although, he is a security guard he has had the opportunity to work with many of the PhD candidates on papers in the area. The PhD candidates always welcome him because he comes up with some of the most brilliant ideas even though he might not know how to mathematically represent them and turn them into an acceptable paper, something the PhD candidates are really good at. Under the guidance of Dr. Mutter, White along with his officer duties participates in remote control operations, where he gets a chance to develop bio-design and engineering competitions and fellowships from ScientificChess for other schools and colleges.

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