Friday, December 24, 2010


Green had once been a teacher. He enjoyed teaching math and sciences to students. The students loved him because of all the different kinds of experiments he would do as demonstrations. He loved teaching a lot about clean and renewable energy, known as GreenTech after his name. He kept all the students very involved and always had interesting stories to tell. He was in many ways the master of luck and the strangest things would happen to him.

His father had been an astronomer and he knew more about the sky than even some of the best astronomers. Green’s quantum inspiration had been all the amazing amateur photography of his father of the sky. Many of the photos were as amazing as any other taken even by the million dollar projects by NASA and others.

Green trivia:

He found his way to ScientificChess when he took his students out on an expedition. His students and he were caught using binoculars and telescopes to spy on activities going on inside ScientificChess. The guards were going to send him to jail, however, when Earl found out that he was from the same school is Mrs. Jenkins and intended no harm he let him go. Soon after that incident Green applied to ScientificChess for the position of a security guard. Seeing his extraordinary capabilities as a teacher and seeing his genuine interest for advancing science and technology, he was permitted to join ScientificChess. At ScientificChess he also participates in the remote control operations in bringing in youth for special programs in clean and renewable energy, known as the ScientificChess GreenTech (SGT) program after him.

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