Friday, December 24, 2010

Violet Violence

Violet was oftentimes quite violent. He also loved the violin. He could play for days at an end and held the Guinness record for playing the violin straight for 4.5 days. He had a lot of anger in him. He would let it out through the violin strings. Violet was extremely emotional and oftentimes illogical, but he always followed the heart. Violet would create music and color. Violet would make the world dance. Violate would make the birds sing. He could make the stones burst with tears or make an army fight amongst themselves.

On one end of the spectrum he sat. On one end of the chessboard he sat. A measly one color pawn he was but without him, neither the white light was complete nor the white chess pieces. Without his anger, without his illogic, neither ambition nor logic could exist at ScientificChess.

Violet trivia:

Violet had one fine day just decided that he wanted to work at ScientificChess and walked over with his Violin. Impressing everyone with his Violin he forced his way through and there was no stopping him. His violin became an inspiration for many. He became the pied piper not of Hamelin but ScientificChess, not of rats but wise men. He was perhaps better described as a champion of talent than a champion of the mind.

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