Friday, December 24, 2010


Emir is the king of all gamers. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics. The game can be anything involving angles and logic – laser tag, pool, golf, checkers, or any videogames. Emir is also a lover of science fiction and watches all the science fiction movies and shows. Emir is fast and he’s sharp at making observations and reacting to one coming objects. He is also good at ignoring all the extra things going on along the side.

Emir likes to work closely with graphics specialist Romero and the sound specialist Santir when developing interesting new gaming projects. Emir created the new genre of entertainment called ‘gamov’ with help of graphics specialist Romero. Emir loves to cheat in games by developing macros and other special hardware that allows him to win all the time. When necessary, Emir will use multiple computers and multiple accounts to ensure victory in an online game. The thing about Emir is he never loses regardless of what he might need to do.

Emir trivia:

Emir recently won a monopoly tournament simply due to his patience. He was playing the game on where when he began to lose, he stopped making moves. As there was no time limit, the other guys just got tired after each game, and soon Emir became the winner of the tournament. Emir is the king of logic, speed, and also patience. Perhaps, that is why he sustained being a physicist for so long as no experiment could ever tire him out. He would live 100 years just to watch a superconductor lose its superconductivity if he ever had to.

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