Friday, December 24, 2010

Detective Red

Red is one of the most intelligent security officers at ScientificChess. He can think through the possibilities and details of any situation. Red grew up solving IQ tests, puzzles, and trivia questions all his life. That was his favorite activity. He had been one of the outstanding MENSA members as a child. He was more like a detective at ScientificChess than a security officer. Red would collect all kinds of clues and solve any situation like a mystery.

Red trivia:

Red enjoyed Sherlock Holmes growing up. He always wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes himself but he always some more Watson in himself. Solving mysteries he had scratched all his hair out except the stuff that hung on the sides. His eyes had grown glaring and his lips tight. He was always very serious when he spoke.

Red it dropped out of high school. He had made it to ScientificChess when the hacked through the security at the corporation and was caught reading through research papers. It turned out that he was actually interested in research; however, he had not been the best at passing tests and exams at school. Earl instead of deciding to sue and throw him in jail decided to keep them in the security forces that ScientificChess. His nickname Red came about due to having been caught red handed.

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