Friday, December 24, 2010


Mark is a philosopher like Jung. His specialization is in Western philosophy as opposed to Jung who is a master of Eastern philosophies. He has a doctorate of philosophy in philosophy from Harvard University. He’s an expert of stealing everyone’s ideas without plagiarizing a thing. Mark really knows how to take credit for all the work done by everyone. He has a good personality, speaks and talks extremely well. Anyone who meets him is bound to be impressed by how much he knows about multifarious things. It is his philosophical understanding that theft is not theft until one is caught. He’s a master of the dark cards at ScientificChess along with Polley.

Because of his great personality, both Pakuna and Valisa have crushes on him. He might talk about the philosophy of fate and free will all the time, but destiny is not known to him either. Through strong reasoning, however, he can predict the most likely destiny especially when close to him in space and time. The 33rd champion of the mind, not mentioned here in characters, can perhaps do it better than any other, even Mark. To find out who this champion is you must read the rest of The Quantum Inspiration.

Mark trivia:

Mark made it to ScientificChess as a champion of the mind due to his strong willpower. He meditated upon the powers of the dark cards and found the right card on which he hit. He convinced Valisa that he should be a part of ScientificChess. In turn, Valisa convinced Quarkezon and he became a member of ScientificChess simply through highly forceful willpower. No one quite understands how he does it but he seems to be able to get anything he desires.

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