Friday, December 24, 2010


Brown was born in Jaipur, India. He was an avid chess player and a mountaineer. He always pursued his hobbies as his career in life. That had been the key to his success. His parents weren’t very educated; however, he had managed to learn a lot by reading himself. His parents, however, had a lot of wealth accumulated generation after generation. After winning several awards for mountaineering in the local regions he pursued higher goals and eventually had the chance to climb all the way up to Mount Everest. Although, it exerted quite a bit of stress on his body he came back safe and sound.

Brown eventually joined the Indian army and got a chance to travel to the United States. He liked it here so much that he began looking for work here. Eventually, he found himself a nice position as a security officer at ScientificChess. Brown now spends most of his time working random tasks and challenges his mind by playing mind games against Yellow.

Brown trivia:

Brown had many insights as a runner and mountaineer. Spending a lot of time alone had allowed him to contemplate on many different philosophies of life. Although, he had no formal training in philosophy like Jung he had a keen interest in philosophy. Brown often thought about God and had come to the conclusion that not even God is perfect and omniscient for that is a contradiction. God cannot create a bridge he cannot walk over, if he is omnipotent for example.

But more than philosophy, Brown had an interest in science. He contemplated the details of mountains and their formations, of gravity, and the forces upon the human body involved in running, walking, and climbing. At ScientificChess, due to his more sophisticated understanding of the interaction between nature and man, he had also been very helpful in designing the human computer interaction (HCI) pieces of the quantum computer.

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