Monday, April 20, 2009

Martin Gonzales

Dr. Martin Gonzales is a computer science genius from Carnegie Mellon University. After getting his PhD. he joined Google corporation, where he worked as a software engineer for many years before realizing his real passion understanding nature, mind, and biology. He found that ScientificChess corporation could cater to his real passion and in exploring the new opportunities, found out that his first crush whom he had not heard of in years, Pakuna was also working for ScientificChess. Martin immediately sent his application to Dr. Earl who was leading the effort of building the quantum computer.

Dr. Martin has progressed in ScientificChess to do research on relations between abstract classes and stem cells. He has also developed a lot of theory about love, in which Dr. Mutter has found special interest.

"I've proved Einstein wrong! There is indeed gravity between lovers. Love is the integral of like, and love at first sight is the dirac delta function."

Dr. Martin trivia:

Dr. Martin is the source behind much of love theory which was inspired by his deadly passion for Pakuna. An incident many years ago had however irritated Pakuna over Martin and she had left Google, where they had both worked, and disappeared. Being a brilliant woman however, she could not stay hidden too long, and had reemerged at ScientificChess.

“In unification of hum and tum, a visceral angiogenic need for collaboration arises. Its repertoire is heartfelt as per my previously limned theory of love waves. Tiny perturbations caused in these waves can accumulate and construe irritating disturbances. To irritate, one can knowingly dope these waves with such perturbations. Depending upon the dopant's nature feelings of anger, irritation, distaste, agony, and antagonism can materialize.”

Dr. Martin was back to try and repair this break in their relationship because he knew somewhere deep down inside she still loved him. He is a white knight in shining armor on the ScientificChess board.

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