Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr. Mutter

Doctor Mutter is the most talented mathematician in the world. His primary area of interest is relativistic quantum mechanics. Doctor Mutter, was nicknamed Mr. Matter by his friends during the college days before he went on to get his PhD. in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. "Don't be afraid, nuclear engineering is nothing but the engineering related to the physics of the nucleus," he would say disseminating any time that went around the nuclear engineering.

His work on mathematical representation of love in ScientificChess corporation has been inspired by a life changing incident with another scientist, Dr. Martin. The theory that one can never determine how fast love waves move since the understanding is beyond human ability is popularly known as Dr. Mutter’s Uncertainty Principle in ScientificChess corporation.

“Great, so these vibes obviously cause ripples that move faster than light in love-time. Can’t you already feel love for your counterpart in a world so far away on the other side of the universe from where light can’t reach you but you’ll never know how fast these vibes move.”

Dr. Mutter trivia:

Dr. Jacardo did not realize he was quoting Dr. Mutter himself, when he took over the podium after Dr. Mutter's talk on Mind and Matter and said "Mind and matter, reminds me of a quote, I don't mind, and you don't matter." The quote had been a retort Dr. Mutter would use when his friends would call him Mr. Matter. When saying this, is perhaps one of the few instances in which Dr. Mutter puts his humility aside.

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